Tightness Times Toughness

Bruno Booth

Date and Time

  • North Worral Park, Fremantle
  • 5 – 21 Nov
  • Thurs – Sun
  • 10am – 6pm


  • Free


Date and Time

  • North Worral Park, Fremantle
  • 5 – 21 Nov
  • Thurs – Sun
  • 10am – 6pm


  • Free


Crossings are areas of change and transition – they span barriers, creating suspended moments in time that can lead to chance encounters between travellers.

Crossings are not just physical or observable phenomena; human beings are in a constant state of transition, reshaping our selves and our ideas as we respond to new stimulation.

Echoing the proportions of the two Fremantle traffic bridges and the deepest channel of the river, Tightness Times Toughness (TxT) is a major new installation and participatory artwork by Fremantle-based artist Bruno Booth.

Audiences are invited to navigate the TxT corridors, to experience those moments of crossing: where one place becomes another, where one moment lapses into the next, and where a person is remade by their experiences.

About the artist

Bruno Booth

Bruno Booth has used a wheelchair for most of his life, interrupted by a short and unsuccessful career as an amateur stilt walker when he used prosthetic legs as a child. In his memory, these leather and metal devices would not have been out of place on the set of some dystopian, apocalyptic epic – not in a cool and attractive Fury Road sort of way, but more like the zombies in the original Walking Dead. The experience of wearing restrictive equipment left him with a dislike of tight-fitting clothing, a love of speed and a need to reach over his head in supermarkets. As a child he made the decision to use a wheelchair as his primary mode of transport, and he’s never looked back (probably because he’s too busy looking out for sand pits on dark footpaths).

Having a disability has been a constant background hum throughout Bruno’s life. Kind of like a social tinnitus – you know it’s there, but you try not to talk about it. It was only when he started to call himself an artist, without cringing too much, that he began to engage critically with what it meant to be categorised as disabled.

Bruno’s recent work uses participation and large sculptural forms to create experiential works that challenge the able bodied to navigate a world that is uncomfortable by design. His constructed experiences poke fun at the assumptions many people have about disability, while leaving lasting impressions that engender a deeper response from the audience.

Bruno has recently been a resident artist at Fremantle Arts Centre (2019), Testing Grounds, Melbourne (Vic) (2019), PICA (2017) and North Metropolitan TAFE (2017). He is working on shows for PICA (WA) 2021, Art Gallery of Western Australia (WA) 2021, Seventh Galleries (Vic) 2022, The Joondalup Invitation Art Prize (WA) 2021 and The University of Tasmania (Tas) 2022.

North Worral Park, Fremantle

123 Beach St, Fremantle WA 6160, Australia

Duration: Open from Thurs – Sun, 10am – 6pm

Viewing Locations: North Worral Park, Fremantle.

This event is a participatory artwork which asks visitors to use a wheelchair to enter the artwork. Attendants will be on site to assist with particpation.


The installation is located in a public outdoors space. We recommend bringing water and weather appropriate clothing. Aside from the installation itself, there may be limited shelter from the elements.


Whilst navigating this installation, we invite participants to follow as far as they are willing and challenge their limits, however if you are uncomfortable with confined spaces, we recommend proceeding with caution, and turning back if the course feels beyond your capabilities.


The nearest public toilet (including acccessible toilets) is located next to Beach St Co, a short walk from the installation.

Getting there:

Parking can be located at:

1 Beach St Car Park

East St Jetty Car Park (Closed during Moombaki  5 – 7 November, 2 – 10pm)

Town of East Fremantle, Public Car Park No 4

245 Queen Victoria Street Car Park (North Fremantle)


Take the Fremantle Line to North Fremantle or Fremantle Station, from which you can walk (approx. 20 minutes) or catch a bus to the location.


From Fremantle Station: Catch the 910 bus to stop 10438, from which it is a short (3 min) walk down to the river shore.

From Canning Bridge: Catch the 910 bus to stop 11968, from which it is a short (3 min) walk down to the river shore.

From North Fremantle: Catch the 103/999 bus to Stop 10423, and take the stairs down to Beach St.

Food & Drink:

Nearby food and drink includes Beach St Co – a café with juices, burgers, salad and bistro classics, Jetty Bar & Eats – a waterfront Mediterranean-style bar and restaurant, and the Left Bank – a riverside bar with classic pub style food.

The event area is located beneath the old Fremantle Traffic Bridge, on a grass area accessed along a flat pedestrian foothpath.

Parking: Accessible parking is available at East Street Jetty Car Park, which is a short walk (50m) to the event area.

Access Program and Events:

Tactile Tour, Fri 12 Nov, 10.15am and 11.30am and Sat 13 Nov, 2pm – 4pm.

For more information and bookings visit our Access Program page.

Photos: Render of Tightness Times Toughness by Edward Hicks; Keelan O’Hehir.

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